Woodnotes Paper Yarn Carpet New York

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Woodnotes New York carpet with subtle colours and graphic patterns is elegant and simple. Thus, the carpet can be used in various interiors. The design is timeless and reflects the Finnish characteristics - simplicity and harmony - and offers a counterbalance to the hectic modern world. 

The carpet is made from paper yarn. Woodnotes specialises in the development and processing of spun paper yarn, which is used as a material in the manufacture of almost all Woodnotes products.  Paper yarn is an authentic, natural material made from an ecologically produced, renewable resource: Wood. 

The strength and durability of the yarn results from the wood fibres. Paper is both hygienic and safe. Due to the density of the fibres, paper yarn does not collect dust or dirt - an important property, especially for allergy sufferers. Paper yarn is spun from kraft paper, which is also used as a raw material for food packaging. Due to the tight weave and the choice of material, the carpets do not ignite easily, only the surface is charred. Woodnotes' paper yarn products are biodegradable and our white paper is produced without chlorine gas.

The rug has sewn long sides, thin twisted ends and felt backing.

Woodnotes paper yarn carpets are supplied with industrial soil-repellent treatment. The treatment forms a protective molecule foil on the surface and prevents dirt from soaking into the paper fiber. It makes it easier to care for the carpet, but doesn’t mean no cleaning is necessary. The protection lasts for about 1-3 years, depending on the using conditions. The treatment can be renewed. Before re-treating the carpet, it is advisable to have the carpet cleaned.

Vacuum cleaning is sufficient for everyday care of a Woodnotes carpet. Vacuuming under the carpet monthly is also suggested. To remove any loose dirt, you can wipe the carpet with a lightly damp soft cloth in weft direction. 

Paper twine carpeting should not be beaten or shaken. If you want to air your carpet, you should roll it loosely and place it in vertical direction on a flat surface.

 Stains or spots should be removed right away. React immediately and remember to clean gently. Work from the sides of the stain toward the center to prevent the stain from spreading.

Any dried surface stains such as food and other protein stains or stearin should be scraped off, for instance with a sharp knife. Be careful not to damage the surface of the paper twine. Never scrub or rub.

Any liquids (juice etc. water soluble liquids) spilled onto the carpet should be dabbed immediately with a piece of white paper towel or white, absorbent cotton terry towel. 

Wet a cotton towel with cold water and squeeze out excess water. The affected area should be treated by tapping it with a damp towel. A drop of mild washing-up liquid or textile cleaner for natural fibers can also be added to damp towel if there is grease on the stain. Rinse out by using a clean damp sponge or towel. Do not rub when the surface is wet. Finally dry the affected area by tapping it with dry towel and blot the moisture. It is also important to examine under the carpet for liquid. A large spill may find its way through the carpet and in this case, repeat the stain removal process on the other side of the carpet as well. 

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Manufacturer Woodnotes
Designer -
Dimensions Diverse Grössen max. Briete 250 cm, max. Länge 500 cm
Material 86% paper cord, 14% cotton (warp)
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