TOP CARE stain protection

Especially when it comes to a piece of furniture, you want to take care of it as long as possible and report stains. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and a stain can quickly appear. But don't worry! Many of our sofas and armchairs have removable covers. In addition, you can have your upholstered furniture treated with Top Care stain protection for upholstered furniture and carpets. The stain protection treatment is carried out on site by TOP CARE professionals with a 3-year guarantee. You do not need to make any arrangements.

Each treated job comes with a suitable cleaning product for quick stain removal. If a stain cannot be removed during the guarantee period, the TOP CARE cleaning service will remove it free of charge.

TOP CARE stain protection is applied to the finished upholstered furniture using a special process. After treatment, the active ingredient is permanently embedded in the structure of the fibre and offers full protection, even under heavy use. The natural properties such as suppleness, breathability or structure of the fabric and leather are not affected.

Even pressed-in stains do not penetrate the fabric fibre, but sit in its interstices and can be removed from the fabric with the special cleaner without leaving any residue. Unlike impregnation, the surface of the textile or leather is not sealed. The protection prevents liquids or greasy substances from penetrating. General soiling only occurs on the surface of the fabric and leather. In the case of fabric, they can be easily removed with a damp microfibre cloth. In the case of leather, wipe over a large area with a cleaning milk (do not use microfibre cloths). The treated fabric can be washed and cleaned. The stain protection treatment can be repeated at any time.

All products required for the stain protection treatment are skin-neutral, free of nanoparticles and tested for sweat and saliva fastness. No contact allergic reactions are known. Test patches can be obtained for individual clarification. (Epicutaneous test).

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